Monday, May 26, 2008

Seven days and nothing yet

It's been a full seven days since I've been back in Miami. By now (at least last according to me seven days ago) I thought I'd have at least four entries on the awesomeness that was Boliva. By now I thought I would have shared how amazing, though hefty in numbers, my family really is. And, by now I thought I would have spelled out my wish to move my entire family to Miami. Yeah, none of that has been written. A part of is due to laziness. Another part of it has to do with my fear of not doing the people or the trip justice by merely writing about it. It was an ubelieveable trip; unreal almost. It left me wanting to stay and possibly move there should the winning lottery numbers find me. I left MIA thinking how fun it would be see my Gran'ma, meet the rest of the family (let's face it after 20+ years of not seeing them, I'm actually meeting them rather than visiting them) and visit some of the places I still remember.

My goodness--that was the least of of I got.

What I ended up getting was a really big family that had no qualms about taking me in like we'd known each other our whole lives. Sure, we knew of each other and on certain occasions we'd spoken on the phone but there never was solidifying or establishing a relationship. It was more of a connection by name and blood. Even so everyone was so open and warm and welcoming that I felt guilty for having thought that this trip was a meet & greet at best. From day one I was offered any and everything I wanted and needed. My cousins had tea (to help with the altitude) waiting at the airport and were patient enough to answer my questions and requests to stop for pictures of the scenery. No hesitations, no "we'll come back's." Mostly everyone called to check on us and make sure the altitude (we're talking 42,000feet above sea level) wasn't screwing us up. And when the altitude did get the best of us daily visits, phone calls and small gifts to make us feel better were instantly offered. What surprised me the most was how genuine it all was. Perhaps it's the Miami (sunniest beaches, shadiest people) in me but every aspect of that trip was genuine and honest. I'm typically a skeptic when it comes to new people and their intentions but I like to think that I'm also a good judge of character. That's actually why I was stupified at the wholesomeness of it all.

I also got to experience some of THE BEST cuisine known to man. I ate till I burst, literally. The food has such a different taste. Not only because of the seasoning and spices available but I think it has more to do with the organic ways of the farmers. The meat and chicken were tender, had a different color to them and oh-my-gawd they smelled SO good! The pastries: to die for! There was one particular coffee shop that was just delish; from the decor to the food. I will say that at times it was a bit much. Over there meals (except for breakfast) consist of:
  1. salad
  2. soup
  3. entree
  4. tea/coffee
  5. sweets
Try having that twice a day, SEVEN DAYS A WEEK! It's crazy! What's crazier is the lack of obesity. People are heavy but not obese. Subway and Jared have no room for growth in La Paz.

Visiting the places I still remember was something that left me speechless each time. Passing by the apartment where my mom, sister and I lived was emotional. It was the place where a lot of things happened. Seeing the windows, the street it left me with a ball in my throat. I think my mom had the same reaction but there was no point in crying about it. We passed by the school I went to, the gyms my mom used to play volleyball, the park where we (my aunt, the nannies and us) were mugged. I couldn't help but wonder what life would have been like if we had stayed over there. I definitely don't think those places would mean what they do. And, like most of my family, I think I might be remiss of all the culture and artistry that exists. I can't blame them for that. After all, I think I'm pretty remiss to that stuff in regards to Miami. I guess that happens when you live somewhere for so long. You forget or maybe ignore some of the coolest things around you. It happens; what's one to do?

There are many things I won't forget about the trip. There are others that I may forget in a few years but by writing them I hope to at least have a record of them. I'll definitely get into more details of the trip as the days go by. I certainly wont' be forgetting them anytime soon.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Full Monty

So apparently Montezuma decided to vacation in Bolivia. According to my friend Kat, he made a pitstop in Peru as well. Life these past few days (at least for Kat and I) has been filled with many trips to the restroom.

On to happier notes, my family rocks! All of them. Okay all of them except one. Close enough I think. Life here is pretty amazing. I´ll expand on that later as there is much to be said.

It´s tea time in this part of the world; see ya!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Maybe I should ...

change the name of this blog to ¨Overfed in Bolivia¨afterall that is my current status. It´s been a very interesting 48 hours and I wish I had more time to write details but for the time being I´ll leave you with the following-

  1. Daddy Yankee had a sold-out concert at the futbol arena. I nearly vomited upon hearing this. Is no place safe from Reggaeton?
  2. There´s a little bit of New Orleans here. The funeral procession (all walking in heels is no fun), the music before, during and after, the above ground graves...very New Orleans.
  3. Coffee tastes much better here. Starbucks has nothing on this place.
  4. There are waaaayyyy too many meals to eat. And yet, not a lot of obesity. Overweight sure, but not US kind of obesity. The food however KICKS MAJOR ASS!
  5. I will be all too happy when I get back to civilized roads with respect for driving laws and law-abiding pedestrians. Especially law-abiding pedestrians.
  6. Toyota makes a whole lot of models I´ve never herd of. I still think my Corolla is the coolest.
  7. A ´discoteque´ here is a euphemism for ´nudy bar.´ Boy, was I embarrased when I asked my cousin if he liked discos--IN FRONT OF HIS WIFE! Oops.
  8. Cold showers should be banned forever and ever, Amen.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Ayy ya yaaaiii...

So in less than 12 hours I'm boarding a plane to go back to Bolivia. I haven't been back in, oh say, 24 years! I have no idea what it's going to be like over there but I hear the food kicks ass. That alone seals the deal for me.